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Regional Umpiring Information

What is a rating and how do I get one?

A rating is one indication of an umpire’s current level of proficiency. A rating is intended to be an active rating for umpires who are working games. All umpires, no matter what their current rating, must continually seek to improve their skills, be current with rule interpretations, and be both mentally and physically fit.

There are 4 ratings that may be awarded in the United States to members of USFHA. These are National, Sectional, Local, and Apprentice (listed from the highest to the lowest rating). The criteria for each rating and the process for evaluation are defined by the USFHA Umpiring Division and documented in its operating code. Umpires start at one of the lower rating levels (Local or Apprentice) and may progress to a higher rating level as their proficiency and experience increases. Ratings are given for a fixed period of time, at which time the rating must be renewed or it expires. The criterion for each rating consists of both a written exam and a field evaluation. For renewal candidates, service to the organization is also a factor.

National ratings are administered by the National Ratings Chair and the final decision on granting or renewing National ratings is made by the Executive Committee of the USFHA Umpiring Division. Further information about National ratings can be found at:

Sectional ratings are administered and awarded within each USFHA section or region according to the USFHA Sectional Rating criteria. [Sectional Rating File .pdf]
Within the Field Hockey West region (Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington), Sectional ratings are administered by the FHW Umpiring Chair. For more information, contact:

Louise Jandura, FHW Umpiring Chair
(626) 791-7025
(818) 354-0373
Email Louise

[Current list of Sectional Umpires within FHW]

Local and apprentice ratings are administered and awarded by the local umpiring chairs within each section or region according to the USFHA Local Rating criteria or the USFHA Apprentice Rating criteria. [Local Rating File .pdf and Apprentice Rating File.pdf] For more information contact:

[link to current list of local and apprentice umpires within FHW] Coming soon!